Tim's Ride

A ride for Tim.

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Terms and Conditions for Tim’s Ride

Please be aware that there is no insurance for riders, bikes or third party liability for this event. You may be insured as a consequence of membership with Bicycling Western Australia or some other organization.

All participants, volunteers and officials are to note the following:

  1. That you participate in this event and ride at YOUR OWN risk which means that no liability, proportioning of blame or legal responsibility can be placed on any other party.
  2. Whilst we encourage the participation of minors(under 18) in Tim's Ride if you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardian together referred to as “Guardian”) read and agree to these terms and conditions. A minor is not permitted to agree to these terms and conditions and should not purport or attempt to do so. Guardians will be responsible for their children’s adherence to these terms and conditions.
  3. By Registering to participate in Tim's Ride you agree to release and indemnify all associated parties from any responsibility in the event of an accident, incident that causes you harm, grief, injury or death. This includes but is not limited to:
    • The committee, organisers and sponsors of Tim’s Ride,
    • all marshals, support riders and volunteers appointed by the committee of Tim’s Ride
    • Supporting Organizations and their staff
  4. That you participate in this event with the sound knowledge of the road rules of Western Australia and that you will abide by the road rules including the sections pertaining to cyclists on the road;
  5. That you will partake of this event with a bike that is in a safe, riding condition with functional front and rear brakes, will use front and rear lights even during the daytime for this event and wear Tim’s Ride clothing to increase visibility on the road and minimize risks.
  6. That you acknowledge that this event is NOT a race and therefore not time induced and that you will always be courteous towards your fellow riders on the road, fellow riders for this event and also to other traffic on the road. You also acknowledge that you will adhere and follow the specific guidelines of the Ride Director, safety marshals and or riders appointed by the Tim’s Ride Committee, and be present at the safety briefing prior to commencement of the event.
  7. Tim’s Ride reserves the right to refuse or reject any rider on the basis of safety, well being, risk management or should they be deemed to be contrary to the ethos and philosophy of the event.
  8. Organisers and management of Tim’s Ride are not responsible for any transport arrangements for riders commuting to the course and are not responsible for any incidents, injuries, accidents or death that may occur during commute to and from this event.
  9. It is the onus of the riders participating in this event to seek their own arranged transport to and from this event.
  10. The organisers and management of Tim's Ride are also not responsible for any break in, theft or loss of property or vehicles when these vehicles and property is parked and located at before, during and after this event.

By Registering for Tim’s Ride I acknowledge that:
1a- I am over the age of 18 and have read and understood these terms and conditions, or
1b- I am under the age of 18 and my guardian has read and understood these terms and conditions
2 - I (and my guardian if under age of 18) accept the terms and conditions above for Tim’s Ride.
3 - I have voluntarily agreed to participate in Tim’s Ride of my own free will