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A ride for Tim.

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About Tim

Tim was an amazingly generous and caring young man who always managed to make the people around him smile. He was immensely gifted - athletically, academically and socially. He had a very close family around him, a great group of friends, a desire to contribute positively to the community, an optimistic attitude, and such talent.

He attended primary school at Beehive Montessori in Mosman Park and high school at Scotch Collage, making many friends along the way. Tim was an excellent student and education was an important part of his life. He continued his education at the University of Western Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Science before moving to Brisbane to finish his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland.

He gained work as a Chemical Engineer and worked in many places around the world, where he helped commission power stations. Tim returned to Perth in 2011 to undertake further study and was researching ways to help reduce carbon emissions through the integration of fuel cell technology in power stations. Tim hoped to make a difference in the world.

Tragically at the age of 26, Tim died after being hit from behind by a drunk driver while he was cycling along Curtin Avenue in March 2012. At the time Tim was training for a charity cycling event The Ride for Youth. This event raises funds to assist in the prevention of youth suicide, depression and self-harm. Tim was actively supporting those less fortunate than himself when his life was taken.

Tim achieved so much in his short time, and he touched many lives. He always embraced life and made the most of the time he had.